Madrid is a creation

by Mayte Embuena

Madrid is a creation

Madrid is a Creation

Madrid is an invention said Luis Carandell, a madrilian Catalan because “Madrid is HOMELAND to all for in the small world, they are all infants equally loved natives or foreigners “ as wrote Calderon de la Barca.

And is not Madrid nothing other than an invention, a claim, a haughty dream, "from Madrid to heaven, and a little hole to see it” because, What sky would it be, if Madrid could not be seen?

Madrid is as having all an nothing at the same time “ used to sai Ramon Gomez de la Sena, “ This light, this sky, these clouds are the luxury that provides Madrid, it’s most exquisite thing” would answer Jossep pla.

For Mingote, “Madrid is like a woman, not too good looking, yet cannot seem to live without her”

While for Antonio Machado Madrid was the” breakwater of all the Spains”

How to explain if it wasn't by pure artifice the fact that the largest capital of the 16th century , from Philippines to Mexico, was placed in a “poblachon Manchego” as called it Camilo Jose Cela. A capital with no direct access to the sea and no navigable river, for the Manzanares is but “an apprentice river” as used to say Quevedo. A capital with no walls to guard it that gave access to all, as Tirso de Molina used to comment. Who other than us, could have this?

Without being city, we became a capital. Without a sea, we rose a lighthouse to see the clouds crashing into the Guadarrama mountains. And instead of a cathedral, the catholic Spain had the “Fallen Angel”, et 666mt above sea level!

Madrid is the only Capital in Europe founded by the arabs. It has the largest green area, former hunting grounds of the kings, that left 11 palaces an 1 away from the Place del Sol and a an Eastern Palace that has balconies looking West, two times larger than Versai

Madrid , gallery of Europe, so rich in culture that Hemingway used to describe her as “full of literature, poetry and music on all four sides, so much so that she herself is a literary character”

To sum up, Madrid is well worth the visit


Written by Mayte Embuena

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