Great Museums of Madrid

Madrid Museum Private Tour with Mayte Embuena

Madrid has a large pictorial collection, probably one of the most important in the World due to its quantity and quality. 

Velázquez, Goya or Picasso are some of the masters whose works you can enjoy on a guided tour of the Prado Museum, Reina Sofía or Thyssen-Bornemisza.

The Triangle of Art

El Prado Museum

The Prado National Museum is one of the best pinacotecs of Europe, incluiding the Royal Collections. The pasion of every Spanish king during 400 years, the paintings that hang on the walls of their castles and palaces, a vast collection incluiding Flemish and Dutch masters, Italian painters and the giants of the Spanish School, Velazquez and Goya.

What will we see?
We will enter without waiting any queue, and among the gems of the museum we'll enjoy these:

Bosch, El Greco, Rafael, Tintoretto, Velazquez, Goya, Rubens.., and many more!!!

Reina Sofía Museum

The history of the spanish XXth century is within their walls,the new tendencies in art: surrealism(Dali), abstrac(Miro) and cubism(Picasso), emerged in Spain until 1936, when the fascism exploded in a civil war, a rehersal of the future WWII. Picasso masterpiece, Guernica, show us the horror after the german aviation bombed till the total annihilation, a village in the Basque country.

What will we see?
Without lines, we will visit Guernica, the huge canvas that waited in New York the death of Franco to come to Madrid (Picasso donated the painting to Madrid but"when democracy return to Spain"), we'll see the cubist sculpture of Gargallo an and Julio Lopez, the naif paintings of Miro, and the the begginins of Dalí


Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

This art gallery hosts the impresive collection of baron Thyssen from Villa Favorita, in Lugano. Is a large collection of many painters, going from the early italian painters to the late american artists.
It filles in what Prado and Reina Sofia are lacking, like the Impresionism and works of Hopper, Pollock or Rothko.
What will we see?
As always,we will enter without waiting in line, and we will cover a good deal of the history of art, from early masters as Duccio, to portratists as Holbein or Ghirlandaio, and till impresionists as Degas or Monet.



More Museums in Madrid

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The Madrid Railway Museum



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A Maite foi uma das melhores guias que já conheci. Preparadíssima sobre questões históricas, políticas, econômicas e até a mais triviais, sempre com bom humor e disposição. Foi um prazer passar os dias em Madri com ela. Tanto que mantivemos contato até hoje. Certamente recomendo a todos e espero poder encontrá-la novamente um dia!

Patricia Nogueira Brasil

Excelente Mayte, con peso especial cada palabra, es difícil ser guía de guías y tú puedes! Un beso y espero verte pronto!

Yiannis Lymtsioulis Grecia

The tour was really interesting especially because the guide was able to communicate her love for Madrid. She was very professional and was able to let us live the real spirit and history of the town. Highly recommended.

Giovanna Italia


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